A game studio that makes mixed reality hardware and software. 

We genuinely believe that quality education is the solution to every single problem on the planet. We are a small group of people trying to make a difference with the limited number of skills that we have.

There are many scenarios where the current education system is failing. The global student debt, mass unemployment, and suicide rates are sheer examples of some of the failures of our education system to evolve to meet the needs of today. The CoronaVirus has only amplified this issue as we see schools and colleges struggling to continue with the same old teaching methods.

A most important lesson we want to live with this is that simply taking up missions like “I want to fix the education system” is nothing more than a futile narcissistic approach to avoid our own personal shortcomings. The problem with education just like in any other industry is infinitely complex to a level far beyond our comprehension.

But that doesn’t mean giving up. It means taking up personal responsibility in finding the smallest problem that you can solve and try fixing it. It might not solve anything at a large scale but maybe, the answer is in the attempt.

Our creative team

Ajay R Warrier - Bananas Academy Founder

Ajay Warrier


Computer Science Engineer.
Udemy Instructor with more than 19000 Students, all over the world.

Manoj- Game Developer

Manoj E

Game developer

Computer Science Engineer.
Game Developer with an eye for detail. Competitive Coder.

Adhiyan Balasubramaniam - Game Developer

Adhiyan Sb


Computer Science Engineer.
Freelance Writer with a passion for video games.

Thejas Satheesh Game Designer

Thejas Satheesh


A young prodigy who loves game design.

Vignesh 3D Artist

Vighnesh J M


A wizard at 3D Design.